CFT Program Sample

The CFT utilizes a wide range of learning methods to ensure maximum comprehension. This page sets out a sample of what a learner receives.

CFT Learning management system

Our learning management system (LMS) is easy to use and based in the cloud. This means you can access content anywhere and anytime. The LMS will be the central point for all of your learning.

On-demand video lectures

From the LMS you can access the on-demand video lectures that cover all of the learning outcomes in the syllabus.
David Oakes, Level 1, Module 2, Section 2 – Market rates

Slide packs

All the slide packs are accessible on the learning management system for you to view and download.

Excel exercises

We equip you with the skills to apply this knowledge using Excel exercises to ensure that you are able to add value in your role.

Practice questions

In order to prepare you for the examination there are a series of practice questions that help test your understanding of the subjects and help you to track your progress.

CFT iOS and Android app

Thanks to our app for iOS and Android, you can learn whenever and wherever.

CFT textbooks

For certain subjects you will receive CFT eBooks.

Exam dates

  • 17th September 2018
  • 18th March 2019
The exams can be taken online anywhere in the world.

The CFT program is much more than just an exam

In gaining the CFT qualification, you will demonstrate to your employer and the industry at large, an unparalleled understanding of financial markets, the products traded by leading organizations, and the technological processes required to support them. We look forward to welcoming you to our program.